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ENG | Integrating Indigenous Perspectives in French Immersion : Challenges and Success for Settler Teachers.

Volet Recherche / Research segment

The British Columbia Ministry of Education has explicitly added the integration of Indigenous perspectives, for all subject areas from K-12, in its new curriculum that was implemented in 2016 (BC Ministry of Education, 2016). In my presentation, I will be sharing the main results from my doctoral research on French immersion settler teachers’ experiences in integrating Indigenous perspectives into their practice. My research focuses on teachers’ successes and challenges navigating the new curriculum changes. By sharing my research results, I hope to provide a space for important conversations moving toward the reconciliation mandates in education (TRC, 2015).


British Columbia Ministry of Education. (2016). Visions du monde et perspectives autochtones dans la salle de classe : aller de l’avant. Victoria, Canada : Crown Publications. Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. (2015). Truth and reconciliation commission of Canada: Calls to action. Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.


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2 décembre @ 14:30


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Isabelle Côté